cutting saw machine

Wet Saw Cutting – Cuts 160 cm

MK 2000

Wet Saw Cutting

It is a multi-purpose machine series that sizes marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain, tile, glass, brick, hard and soft stones in width and length.
MK Series is a portable machine and its legs, grills, extension stands and tower system are removable.
It allows fast and comfortable cutting by spraying pressurized water onto the saw diamonds via a centrifugal pump containing a water tank.
It extends the life of the diamond saw.
It has cutting and scanning features at 90° and 45°.

MK 2000 Sulu Kesim Makinesi Extra 90 cm lik Ön Dik Sehpalı
MK 2000 Sulu Kesim Makinesi Extra 90 cm lik Ön Dik Sehpalı
Sulu Elmas Testereli Kesim Makinesi - Wet Cutting Saw Machine #sulukesimmakinesi #wetcuttingsaw
Sulu Elmas Testereli Kesim Makinesi - Wet Cutting Saw Machine #sulukesimmakinesi #wetcuttingsaw
Otomatik Sulu Kesim (Seramik Porselen Kesme)
Otomatik Sulu Kesim (Seramik Porselen Kesme)

Common Features of Machines

45 degree wet diamond saw cutting machine

Wet Saw Cutting


Additions suitable for the materials you process and your projects

Automatic Control Panel

We offer an optional automatic cutting add-on to our customers who want to increase cutting precision, save time and improve work quality.
Our automatic panels have engine start-stop, forward-reverse control at the desired position, cutting speed adjustment and emergency stop features.

Transport Wheel

It is designed as an optional machine part that can be connected to your existing or new machines.
Compatible Models: MK 1135 – MK 1160 – MK 2000

Clamp Full Size

Full-size and lightweight grade vise
It allows the material to apply pressure from the beginning of the cut to the head miter at the end of the cut.
It prevents light materials from turning and lifting up during the cutting process.

Shock Absorbing Coating

It is used to absorb vibrations caused by cutting motors and saws in porcelain, hard facade ceramics and glass-like products.

It minimizes small corner breaks that occur in extremely hard materials.

Extra Table

Adding front-rear and perpendicular-parallel stands of various sizes to standard machines in your project work

Diamond Grooving

Modification to fit up to 20mm grooving saw into your project work.

Saw Types

Choosing the most suitable saw for the material you will cut increases the cutting speed and cutting quality of the machine.

Marble Saw

Granite Saw

Concrete Saw

Ceramic Tile Saw

Glass Product Saw

Aluminum TCT