MEMS 3500 Machine for Preparing and maintaining the floor with Diamond and Hammer Head The Head ıs complete mechanical with joint, by it all the types of floors show high performance at Grinding works The rear wheels changable wıth joint which allow the head of 20 kg to calibrated from 170 kg. The front wheels changable as per the height required

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sertleştrilmiş beton silimi
sertleştrilmiş beton silimi
ŞEN-MAK Beton Silim Makinası ( Concrete Grinding Machine )
ŞEN-MAK Beton Silim Makinası ( Concrete Grinding Machine )
Otopark Silimi ŞEN-MAK  MEMS 3500
Otopark Silimi ŞEN-MAK MEMS 3500
çimentolu epoksi izolasyon silimi
çimentolu epoksi izolasyon silimi
Length1050 mm
Width550 mm
Height950 mm
Disc Diameter320 mm
Disc RPM700 rpm
Motor Power7,5 Kw / 10 Hp
Motor RPM1450 rpm
Voltage380~415 V / 50 Hz
Weight170 Kg


beton kazıma elmas fiyat

Diamond Disc

For Concrete and Marble

Progressive calibrated diamonds

zemin mucartalama

Frankfurt Disc


Abrasive Stones

Diamond Pads

Add-on Features

mermer beton zemin parlatma makinesi

Water Tank

bürük beton silim makinesi

Extra Weight

benzinli silim makinesi

Gasoline Engine

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