Proffesional, light-duty groundworkink machine.
Usage Areas Compatible for all applications with the proper abrasive and grinding materials. Maintaining and polishing of surfaces with brush and velcro devices.

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HS5000 beton silimi
HS5000 beton silimi
HS5000 hafif silim
HS5000 hafif silim
HS 5000 Hafif Silim Makinesi
HS 5000 Hafif Silim Makinesi

Worm Gear Transmission


floor light grinding epoxy poluera price
Length700 mm
Width510 mm
Height1200 mm
Disc Diameter500 mm
Disc RPM200 rpm
Motor Power4 Kw / 5,5 Hp
Motor RPM2850 rpm
Gear Transmission1 / 15
Weight70 Kg


epoxy grinding accessory

Frankfurt Disc

Frankfurt Abrasive Stone

Frankfurt Brush-Hammer

Frankfurt Diamond Pad

epoxy poluerea velcro disc price

Velcro Disc

soft pad monobrush

Diameter 51 cm Soft Pads

Diameter 50 cm Velcro Sanding

Silicium Carbide, Aluminum Oxide and Zirconium types of sanders suitable for the floor you will make.

floor diamond price

Diamond Disc

Shoes Diamond

Grinding diamonds for concrete and marble

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