industrial ground preparation concrete field floor grinding and polishing machine

Concrete Floor Diamond Grinding and Polishing

MEMS 3500

MEMS 3500 Machine for Preparing and maintaining the floor with Diamond and Hammer Head The Head ıs complete mechanical with joint, by it all the types of floors show high performance at Grinding works The rear wheels changable wıth joint which allow the head of 20 kg to calibrated from 170 kg. The front wheels changable as per the height required

Concrete Floor Diamond Grinder
Concrete Floor Diamond Grinder
Floor grinding with PCD
Floor grinding with PCD
Concrete floor grinding
Concrete floor grinding

Concrete Floor Solution


Discs compatible with the machine and associated consumables

ÜRÜN KODU : 44050
Metal Concrete Scraping Diamond

It is used in concrete level reduction works with 12-14 grit sanding effect. It has diamonds that are approximately 3 times thicker than the #1 grinding diamond.

ÜRÜN KODU : 44060
PCD Paint Scraping Disc

Metal discs containing Tungsten Carbide and 12-14 grain milling diamonds used to remove epoxy, polyurea and paint derivatives from floors.

Concrete Floor Diamond Grinding and Polishing


Additions suitable for the materials you process and your projects
Water Tank

The consumables used in floor polishing are divided into two: wet and dry.
Wet polishing is generally used to polish products such as Marble, Granite and Terrazzo.
You can adjust the water flow thanks to the water tank apparatus and adjustable faucet.

Extra Weight

It consists of pieces of 12 kg each and increases head pressure.