Grade Cutting

Cutting between 90 and 45 degrees

Water Pump

0,5 Hp Centrifugal pump with water in the body to cool the diamond saws circulates.

Electric Engine

There are 3 Hp three-phase motors in the standard. Optionally, motor with a power of 5.5 Hp three-phase or 4 Hp a single-phase is available.

Technicial Specifications

MODELMK 1135MK 1160MK 2000
Length1350 mm1600 mm2000 mm
Cutting Length1000 mm1200 mm1600 mm
Weight155 Kg170 Kg220 Kg
Width600 mm
Height1165 mm
Cutting Thickness50 mm
Saw Diameter300 / 350 mm
Saw Hole Slot60 mm
Saw RPM2850 d/d
Max. Cutting Degree45 °
Motor Power2,2 Kw / 3 Hp
Voltage380~415 V / 50 Hz
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