GDM 2160 is used for exterior surface granite or marble tiling by drilling anchor holes in pneumatic system.

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mekanik askı sistemleri ankraj cephe mermer askı sistemi taş askı sistemleri granit dış cephe

It is the machine that opens the pin holes of mechanical facade systems.

Water Pump
  • By the help of recycling centrifugal system pulverizes from the center of diamond drills and allows fast and easy drilling and prolongs the diamond drill life.
Air Compressor

Minimum 50 lt 8 bar compressor is required for healthy operation of the machine

dış cephe mermer kaplama
Length1600 mm
Width800 mm
Height1200 mm
Drill Speed5000 d/d
Drill Height Adjustment50 mm
Drill Drilling Range Min150 mm
Drill Drilling Range Max1200 mm
Drill Motor Power1,1 Kw / 1,5 Hp
Drill Motor Speed2850 d/d
Water Pump0,5 Hp Centrifugal
Weight185 Kg

Diamond Bits

sulu delim ucu

The GDM 2160 uses wet drill bits with a rear connection diameter of 10 mm.

Standard drill diameters 6-8-10 and 12 mm sintered diamond inserts are produced.

These inserts cool the diamond by continuous water flow during drilling.

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